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SkyQode is happy to announce their first official release, the eagerly awaited "Constellation" by Mental Discipline.

One of Russia's best synthpop/futurepop projects, Mental Discipline is led by Alex Mental, who writes and performs all of the music as well as contributes on most of the lyrics for the project. Mental Discipline's first official release in April 2011, was the critically acclaimed maxi-single "Fallen Stars" which featured the guest vocalists Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma, Diorama) and Peter Rainman (People Theatre) each doing a version of the track. An extremely danceable blend of synthpop and futurepop with meaningful lyrics, the single has quickly become a favorite of DJs and club-goers around the world. "Constellation" takes this idea a step further presenting listeners with a real galaxy of guest vocalists. Among them are Felix Marc, Alex Brown (!Distain), Salva Maine (Culture Kultür), Rouven Walterowicz (Endanger), Roberto Conforti (Pulcher Femina), Richard Björklund (Spektralized) and other wonderful singers. This brings different energy and feel to each track and makes for a dynamic and exciting album. Each track stands as an individual constellation, but comes together to form a seamless tapestry through the recognizable style and production that make a Mental Discipline release stand out.

"Constellation" is produced, mixed and mastered entirely by Alexander 'Rush' Gladky (Alpha Point) who brought a powerful and modern sound and excellent production to the album. The CD version of this release comes as a limited 4-panel digipak with a 16-page booklet and includes a bonus track performed by Alex Mental.


released December 12, 2012

catalogue #: SQD01

Mental Discipline: Alex Mental
Management: Stanislav Burmistrov

All music written by Alex Mental
All arrangements by Alex Mental & Alexander 'Rush' Gladky
All lyrics written by Alex Mental & Andrey Nefedov, except for:
track 03 (by Alex Mental & Felix Marc)
track 04 (by Andrey Nefedov & Alexander 'Rush' Gladky)
track 09 (by Alex Mental & Richard Björklund)
track 10 (by Alex Mental & Ars Archer)

Guitars on tracks 06 & 10 by Grover (Cold In May)
Backing vocal on track 07 by Stefanie Spranger

All tracks mixed & mastered by Alexander 'Rush' Gladky at SMT studio

Cover art by Marina Kunakasova & Egor Kosmachev
Booklet design by Super Gendor & Marina Kunakasova

Many thanks to: Stanislav Burmistrov, Andrey Nefedov, Alexander 'Rush' Gladky, Marina Kunakasova, Egor Kosmachev, Mike Encore, Sergey Semenov, Sergey 'Geolog' Vakulov, Niki DrInNki Nicosia, D.j. Elder, Claudia Rossner-Poniz and Alexey Extra

Deepest gratitude to all the musicians who participated in this album!

Thanks to all Mental Discipline fans for a continuing support!



all rights reserved



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Independent label established in 2012 to promote new artists in the Synthpop, Electronic Dance, and Industrial genres.

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Track Name: My Madhouse (feat. Carved Souls)
Six long years in the darkness and cold
With so many problems that cannot be solved
Every day I try to cure my madness inside
But still I’m stuck in a mad house that’s called my life

Hold me closer, hold me stronger
Take care of me
Bring me medicine, give me water
And I’ll make you see

Welcome to my madhouse
I see you, I feel you
If we can split our hearts
I know my dreams will become true
Welcome to my madhouse
Save me! Help me!
All we need is several hours
There’s no way to be cured for me

Crawling slowly into my head
Make me believe that I’m not going mad
Injections you deliver can’t help me anymore
I wanted you to cure me but now I’m not so sure

Hold me closer, hold me stronger
Take care of me
Bring me medicine, give me water
And I’ll make you see
Track Name: Fall To Pieces (feat. Felix Marc)
Neon light is shining
On your velvet skin and diamond eyes
It's no use denying
You are running from the paradise
But the gates are hidden
And the key is lost inside your heart
Winter feels much colder
Tearing our world apart

So we fall to pieces
You did not want to die or live
Wasted are your feelings
And still it's so hard to believe
That we fall to pieces
There are no reasons to go on
You have lost your feelings
And now you suffer on your own

Do you hear me calling?
Trying not to make the same mistakes
As your eyes get blurry
And you feel this pain will never end
Final fantasy turning
Before the fear deletes your face
Run away, run away from here
Never to return to my embrace
Track Name: Shine On Me (feat. Alpha Point)
Many wasted years have left behind
Nothing but the misery inside
All I know is just one thing for sure
I don't wanna bear it anymore

You could be the one to get me out
From the claws of misery and doubt
'Cause I see the shining of your light
I won't let this moment pass me by

In the moment that lies between us now
Shine on me with your light
I just wanna be honest to the end
Shine on me with your light
I just want you to see behind my eyes
Shine on me with your light
I just want you to look into my heart

Trying to push memories aside
To the darkest corners of my mind
But the scars of past they still feel sore
I don't wanna feel it anymore

Help me to restore my peace of mind
Heal me with your shining golden light
As I see you coming closer now
Promise, I will never let you down
Track Name: Different Lines (feat. dAVOS)
I’m gonna change my mind
To make my heart stronger
'Cause every time we fight
You want me just to suffer longer

It doesn’t matter how I will survive
Without you I keep myself alive…

I'm gonna try to take
All the moments back again
'Cause nothing's left for me
To stop this endless pain

My desperation helps me to forget your face
But I have to admit some things are painful to erase

We are walking in two different ways
We have a different destination
I hope I'll never see you all these days
And will forget your eyes full of passion
We are walking in two different lines
We must decide it now or never
If It’s Impossible to change our lives
Go away or stay together
Track Name: Over Horizon (feat. Pulcher Femina)
Hey, I know what do you feel
The deepest things you can't reveal
I've come to take you far from here

Pain and sorrow on your way
I will make them go away
Time has come and you should know I'm the one

These cruel words they say to you
Oh, I know the hurt they do
Many times I heard them too

Please come closer, take my hand
And believe in what I said:
Don't you fear, I will take you far from here

Over the day, into the night
Like two birds in endless flight
Over horizon we are flying tonight
I want to hold you in my hands
And to fill your emptiness...
Over horizon we are flying tonight

Clouds are passing far beneath
You can fly, if you believe
Look at me, I will guide you to be free
Track Name: So Many Times (feat. Endanger)
Every person has a shield
That covers from the crowd
Our life is a battlefield
All you need is to look around

When there’s nothing to believe
When there’s no one you can trust
Close your heart to keep this feeling inside us

Every morning I wake up
Many bad thoughts in my head
Bleeding heart wants just to stop
But I know it’s not the end

There is nothing I believe
There is no one I can trust
It’s not easy but I don’t want to give up

So many times I washed my hands
With blood of enemies and friends
But now I feel alone
And silence still surrounds me
So many times she held my hand
But I was too blind to understand
Redemption was my way
But now it lies behind me

You will ask once again
Is it possible to live
When there’s no one I can trust
When there’s nothing to believe

You will never understand
The bitter way I live my life
There’s the only thing I know
This way keeps me alive
Track Name: WDYWFM (feat. Spektralized)
All people say that you never forgive mistakes
So know, I’m waiting for you to take action
I used to love you too, but now it seems
That you are deaf and blind and show no reaction

What do you want from me?
I gave you all what you can see
But now I try to understand
Is it true? Do you pretend?
What do you want from me?
What kind of fool have I to be
But now I try to understand, but I can’t see
What do you want from me?

All people say that you care too much
Still millions of people are dying in silence
Forgive me, but I think you’re not so kind
And if I’m wrong, please stop the violence
Track Name: Disguise (feat. Culture Kultür)
Cold as an autumn rain
Inside my soul I feel such pain
It cuts me like a knife
I wish you never crossed my life

Believe me it’s the end
And u can stop now to pretend
You only love yourself
Don’t wanna be a thing you have

So open wide the door
No need to keep me any more
Can’t promise we’ll stay friends
That’s how the story comes to ends

I see the fading sun
You've really made me come undone
Enough with your deceit
I do not want my heart to bleed

I don’t believe your stories
'Cause when I see your eyes
I understand your feelings
Were nothing but disguise
My dearest dreams and wishes
I ever shared with you
Are gone away forever
Never to come true

I hope you will remember
These last words that I say
I wish I never met you
And never crossed your way

And if I ever see you
Someday, somewhere, somehow
I will not fall for you, girl
'Cause now you've lost your crown
Track Name: God & Devil (feat. Cold In May)
I see shadows walking side by side
I want you to be my only guide
Turn off the lights, in darkness I trust,
All your dreams will burn into dust….

I`m the creation from evil seeds
Nightmare is drowning into your sleep
Turn off the lights I`m calling to stay
All angels and demons from yesterday

Stop screaming inside my head…
My heart is bleeding in your hand…

I am the Devil, I am the God
Reaching the stars and falling back to the ground
I am the darkness, I am the light
I’m getting closer, coming into your mind

I am walking to the valley of death
To bring You freedom, to give you my breath.
I am walking to the valley of life
To find the waters where I want you to dive…

Angels will reach me and spread my wings
Demons will guide me to broken dreams
Hailing the point of no return
Which of the evils you choose to burn?
Track Name: Pray For Me (feat. !Distain)
I tried my best to make you see the truth
But it’s so hard, you look around with your eyes closed
My dearest friend I have to go, but promise me
That you will keep my final words in memory

Don’t believe anyone, just believe in yourself
Leave all doubts behind, use the strength that you have
Turn your eyes to the sky, realize you are free
But I’m begging you – please, pray for me….

Pray for me
Until there is no rain on the street
Pray for me
Until my broken heart stops to bleed
Look at me
Until you see no tears on my face
Set me free
And let me disappear from this place

There is a point where everything begins and ends
My time is lost, I could not hold it in my hands...

Don’t believe anyone, just believe in yourself
Leave all doubts behind, use the strength that you have
Turn your eyes to the sky, realize – you are free
But I’m begging you – please, pray for me….

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