End Of Days

by Mental Discipline






skyQode Germany

Independent label established in 2012 to promote new artists in the Synthpop, Electronic Dance, and Industrial genres.

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Track Name: Mental Discipline - End Of Days
I still remember my dark days
the pain and sorrow and disgrace
A bitter taste of life gone wrong
Until you came along

My skies were grey, no sun to shine
A sad and sorry pantomime
Until you took me by the hand
and made me understand

No matter where I run away
No matter what I do or say
You are the only one for me
To end my misery

I don't regret a single day
And all I want is you to stay
Forever locked in my embrace
Until the end of days

You are the reason I still breathe
My broken soul has found relief
My skies have turned to crystal blue
I'm sharing it with you

You keep my sorrows far away
No matter if it's night or day
Each time you take me by the hand
It makes me understand

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