Grey (X​-​Marks The Pedwalk Remix)

from by Mirreya

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It's haunting me, a dream so strange,
I close my eyes, it starts again
As if I'm living in a world of grey

I'm trying, trying to survive
I'm running on the edge of knife
I'm all alone, but still alive

I know my time is running out
But I keep searching for a sign
I'm struggling with the fear, the fear inside

The sky above, so full of lead,
Is weighing, weighing down on me
It makes it hard for me to breathe
Bringing me down to my knees

But if it's not a dream at all?
What if it's true?
I'm trapped in grey, I've lost my way
Nowhere to run
All dead and gone
I've lost my way, I'm trapped in grey

I'm trying hard to make it stop
But time is laughing at my face
It's running, running out without a trace

I'm falling down can't stand no more
The empty greyness of it all
It slowly takes me in control
In grey it paints my heart and soul


from Grey, released April 15, 2016



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