The Fog

by Pegasus Asteroid



SkyQode presents a brand new EP, "The Fog", from Russian synthpop duo Pegasus Asteroid! It features three new tracks filled with haunting melodies and noir atmosphere, as well as two remixes by Purple Fog Side and Nórdika.

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released February 27, 2015

Catalogue #: SQD16

Pegasus Asteroid:
Anastasia Sokolova - voice, keyboards
Mikhail Sokolov - keyboards, programming

Music and lyrics by Pegasus Asteroid

Recorded in December 2014

Mixed and mastered by Pavel Zolin at JT Rec.

Cover concept by Mikhail Sokolov
Cover artwork by REI (;


all rights reserved



skyQode Germany

Independent label established in 2012 to promote new artists in the Synthpop, Electronic Dance, and Industrial genres.

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Track Name: The Fog
This night is dissolving in silence and fears
The fear is like ice on my fingertips
My feelings are covered and lost in the fog
Mixed with a heavy cigarette smoke

Oh find me tonight
Among the ghosts
And hold me tight
Oh take me
With you
Away from here
I lost the way

I’m walking through cities
Imagined by them
And no one can tell exactly
Who I am

The fog is around me
The fog is inside
Oh save me maybe
Just for this night
Oh save me…
Track Name: They Hate Us
All we ever wanted was a map
To show us the land where we belong
Since we were born in dungeons
Keeping us from doing something wrong

They are afraid
We ruin their masquerade
Too dangerous
Growing out of the shade

They keep an eye
On our deviant kind
It’s so damn trivial
They hate us when we fly

We speak a tongue long forgotten
Too musical to put you off your stride
Our masters have chosen to stay deaf
For our songs make the weak minds abide
Track Name: Distant Rock (Purple Fog Side Remix)
You were born to break the laws of physics
Destined to discover your own
To wake up on a distant rock
And build a castle of moonstone

Chosen to reinvent the UFO
And wave your world goodbye
I saw my teenage idols
Turn into a light in the sky

Transmission over
Have a safe flight
You left us forever
To see a different daylight

Over and out
So many planets to roam
You left to discover
But never to go back home

Craters and moon plains
Meteor rains
You are out there
But your signal remains

Sleepless nights on duty
Receiving data from the sky
And alien technology
But one day you’ll blink goodbye
Track Name: Mechanical Heart (Nórdika Remix)
They replaced your heart with a heart of steel
To make it not so hard for you to kill
A perfect soldier,
that is what they want
And they believe they’ve made it, but I don’t
I don’t

They push the button and you’re alive again
And they try to make you feel you cannot die
But I still hope that I can save you
‘Cause they lie
And every time it snows
You catch the snowflakes with your lips
And it reminds the taste of my tears
And you believe that I forgave you
For your mechanical heart

You wanted to forget the love and pain
But their invention was so brilliant and insane
And when you felt it inside
You figured what was wrong
You wanted to escape
But your cage became too strong
Too strong

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